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The Artotheque | How to rent art


The Artotheque at Rikhardinkatu Library was founded in 1995 through the cooperation of the Helsinki Artists’ Association and the Helsinki City Library. The Artotheque shares the rich tradition and the central location of the Rikhardinkatu Library building.


The Artotheque displays works of art by the members of the Helsinki Artists’ Association, which is comprised of over 700 notable professional artists. The selection of art works includes 3000 paintings, drawings, graphic art, sculptures and photographs.


The works may be rented by paying a monthly fee 20-200€ determined by the price of the work. Once the full price has been paid, ownership of the work transfers to the holder. Alternatively art works may be purchased directly at the Artotheque. Customers can be private persons, corporations or organisations.


The Arthoteque has two small exhibition spaces, Arthur and Galleria Rikhard, offering monthly exhibitions for the members of the Helsinki Artistis’ Association. A thematic exhibition is displayed in December.


At the time of Helsinki Festival we have done a tour with a library bus filled with contemporary art. The bus stops at the local cultural centres.