Galleria Rantakasarmi

The Artist Group Onishi: Onigasima Project – Moving Between Islands


Motoe Kawashima


Geography has always mattered. For many, it matters now more than ever. In a world where differences are being erased, the emphasis on tradition and heritage is still important. Onigasima is the Japanese word for a mythical island, visited by strange beings, frequently found in folklore and fiction throughout the world. Stories helps us often to understand a changing world.

This is an exhibition about our relationship to others – other cultures, others states, other histories, other experiences, traditions, peoples, and destinies, with a special focus on Japan, since we met during an artist-in-residency at Shiro Oni Studio, in Japan 2018.

The exhibition is showing a wide range of working methods and technics, such as paper works, ceramics, photo, drawing and video. Artists (in alphabetical order): Kjell Hahn Japan/USA, Motoe Kawashima Japan, Rita Leppiniemi Finland, Ryota Makino Japan, Meir Rakocz Israel and Miriam Salamander Germany.


Meir Rakocz


Ryota Makino


Kjell Hahn


Miriam Salamander