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TRACK – PallasArt Estonia Group


Heli Tuksam, Sirje Petersen, Tuuli Puhvel, Niina Freiberg, Per William Petersen, Eero Ijovoinen, Kaspar Tamsalu.

PallasArt Estonia on seitsemän taiteilijan ryhmä, jota yhdistää opinnot Tartun taidekoulussa (University of Applied Sciences Pallas) ja jäsenyys Tartun taiteilijaseurassa (Tartu Artist Union). Ryhmän taiteilijat ovat järjestäneet useita yhteisiä näyttelyitä ja pitäneet kukin lukuisia yksityisnäyttelyitä. Heidän teoksiaan on esitelty näyttelyissä mm. Saksassa, Tšekeissä, Liettuassa ja Tanskassa. Suomessa heillä on aiemmin ollut yhteisnäyttelyt Tampereella ja Imatralla.

Galleria Rantakasarmin näyttelyn nimi ”Track” viittaa muistoihin, menneisyyteen, ekologiseen jalanjälkeen tai tunteeseen. Näyttely koostuu pääosin ryhmän taiteilijoiden uusista teoksista.


The group of artists under the name PallasArt Estonia are group of friends who are united by the University of Applied Sciences Pallas and the Tartu Artist Union.

We have had many exhibitions in groups and personally. Our works are exhibited in different countries – Germany, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Denmark…

Since today we have had exhibitions also in Finland– Tampere and Imatra, it is a great pleasure to introduce our work in Helsinki Rantakasarmi Gallery as well.

The exhibition title “Track” is freely interpretable. It could be memory, past, the ecological footprint or emotion. In this exhibition mainly contains new works.

Participating artists are: Heli Tuksam, Sirje Petersen, Tuuli Puhvel, Niina Freiberg, Per William Petersen, Eero Ijovoinen, Kaspar Tamsalu.


Sirje Petersen is a painter and art teacher.
 She started her artist career with figurative and abstract paintings in 1980s and has become one of the significant painters in Estonian art.

Sirje Petersen loves colours – the colour combinations enriched with delicate nuances of a broad spectrum reflect life, genuine emotions and movement. The human body and colour together visualize the artist’s thought, perception and questions – unknowing whether answers to them will be found. Petersen’s hand is characterized by the principle of contrast – she opposes pasty and non-transparent surface of the painting to thin and glazy; dramatic feelings conveyed with vigorous brush-strokes and bright colour to peaceful and harmonious colouring.  Searching for inspiration in nature and the world around us the creative work of Sirje Petersen is greatly autobiographical, depicting a Woman who is searching for her place and finds it in constant changing.


Heli Tuksam, the painter and stained glass artist. She finished The Estonian State Art Institute in 1985 and in the same year started her artist career. She created several stained glass windows and took part in exhibitions with paintings. In this exhibition the main idea of works are inspired by nature and the delicate balance of creation.


Kaspar Tamsalu graduated from the Russian Repin Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture in 2012 and the Estonian Academy of Art in 2015. He is an avid observer of nature and enjoys chipping away at larger portrait paintings of friends and family.


Per William Petersen is a Danish visual artist, but now firmly residing and working in Estonia since 2006.

Member of the Estonian Artists’ Association, Tartu Artists’ Union and Estonian Sculptures’ Union.

Per works in many artistic fields, sculpture, painting, graphics, photography/film and design.

The driving force in Pers work is curiosity. Curiosity to understand reality. To understand the difference between reality and perceived reality.

Per says: “Art is not a product. Like the air we breathe, is not a product.

Art is something that is already here, it simply needs to be displayed.”

Art is that time we are here-right now. Art is a way to freeze and study the “NOW”.


Eero Ijavoinen, the painter and sculptor. He graduated the Tallinn Pedagogical University as an art teacher and I have worked in this fieldThe paintings in this exhibition are inspired by nature and are painted in the spirit of abstract artThe sculptures depict humans and other living beings, the form is conditional and based on the peculiarities of wood. In sculptures is used also paint and other materials.


Tuuli Puhvel, the painter and stained glass artist. For me the painting is a journey and adventure. There is an idea and I start to perform, very soon I discover there many new small roads which I had no idea before.


Niina Freiberg, the painter and art teacher. Member of the Tartu Artists’ Union. She is an observer. In his ink paintings she is sensitive and striking. Every work has a deep philosophical backround.