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Applications for Exhibition Periods at HAA Gallery

Apply for an exhibition period in the Helsinki Artists’ Association HAA Gallery by 30 November 2020! The call is now open for autumn and spring term 2022. Please, submit your application online. There is more information about the open call available in English below.

By the current scheme, the exhibitions are carried out by the artist itself. Daily exhibition operations and information (including invitations, posters, opening event, press releases) are in the responsibility of the artist/artists collective to hold the exhibition.  The sales are also the responsibility of the artist and hence Helsinki Artists’ Association does not charge a sales commission.

HAA Gallery does not have an exhibition supervision offered by Helsinki Artists’ Association. This is reflected in a very reasonable exhibition rent.

Information about the gallery: HAA Gallery is based in Suomenlinna near the platform.
The entire exhibition space of the gallery is 228 m2 and consists of two white limed, vaulted halls of 114 m2. There are about 60 meters of hanging screens. Hanging walls are fixed.


HAA Gallery exhibition time can be applied for:

  • Entire space as a single 228 m2 / 2 hall for a solo or collective / group show
  • Part of the space, one exhibition hall for a 114 m2 solo exhibition, where two simultaneous solo exhibitions are held in the gallery.

Note. The solo exhibition application must indicate whether the entire gallery space or one showroom is being applied for.

Exhibition space rentals during the search period are:

– full space 228 m2 / two halls 1300 €

– solo exhibition 114 m2 / one hall 700 €

Members of the Helsinki Artists ’Association and groups where at least half of the artists are members of the Helsinki Artists’ Association will receive a 10% discount on the rent.

You should add to the application:

1) Application form: GalleriaRantakasarmi_application_form

2) Exhibition plan

3) Pictures of recent works or works that will be shown at the exhibition + list of pictures with precise information of the works. We hope pictures jpeg-format saved on USB-drive or by e-mail (max 3 Mt/whole e-mail).

4) Curriculum Vitae


The application should be delivered to – by 30th April 2019:



Snail mail: TAIDELAINAAMO / Rikhardinkadun kirjasto, Näyttelyvastaava Eeva Muona, Rikhardinkatu 3, 00130 Helsinki


You can drop the application to Taidelainaamo. Open  tue – fri 12 – 6 pm, sat 12 – 4 pm.


If you need any other information, don’t hesitate to ask:

HAA Gallery Head of Exhibitions Eeva Muona

, +358 44 273 1306