Jäsentaiteilija: Hae Island of Empathy -kesänäyttelyyn 22.3.2020 mennessä!

Helsingin Taiteilijaseuran kesänäyttelynä samanaikaisesti Helsinki Biennaalin kanssa nähdään ”Island of Empathy”, joka on esillä sekä Suomenlinnan Galleria Rantakasarmissa 11.6.–30.8.2020 että Malmitalon galleriassa 11.6.–21.8.2020. Näyttely tutkii ihmisen ja luonnon välistä suhdetta sekä empatian ja parantamisen käsitteitä. Näyttelyhaku on tarkoitettu ainoastaan Helsingin Taiteilijaseuran jäsenille, ja näyttelyn kuratointi toteutetaan lontoolaisen kuraattori Kasia Sobuckan ja Helsingin Taiteilijaseuran toiminnanjohtaja Merja Briñónin yhteistyönä. Avajaisia vietetään kummassakin galleriassa keskiviikkona 10.6.2020. Molempien gallerioiden näyttelyt ovat avoinna elokuun loppupuolelle saakka. Helsingin Taiteilijaseuran jäsentaiteilijat voivat hakea näyttelyyn omalla ehdotuksellaan täällä 22.3.2020 mennessä. Kaikki taiteilijat saavat tiedon valinnasta huhtikuun 2020 aikana. Näyttelyn työkieli on englanti, ja ohessa on näyttelyn tarkempi kuvaus englanniksi. Teknisissä ongelmissa voi olla yhteydessä:

Artist Call: Apply for the “Island of Empathy” Exhibition

“Island of Empathy” looks into the potential of art as a means of healing individuals, but also the ills of society while researching the notions of empathy, healing, and intersubjectivity in the context of human and non-human interaction. Intersubjectivity means the interchange of conscious and unconscious thoughts and feelings between two subjects facilitated by empathy, which is not only a catalyst but a vital tool in the implementation of the many processes of healing and bonding on an individual or social level. Customarily, intersubjectivity refers to human relationships, but it might be understood to appear also in relationships between human and non-human actors in a kind of ‘anthropology beyond the human’. Intersubjectivity helps us to understand each other and our different perspectives. It will carry different beings to shared futures.

“Island of Empathy” examines an artist’s approach toward healing – both to criticise society’s faults as well as to imagine the future. By comprehending healing as a political act, artists are invited to explore the conditions of natural environments, physical and spiritual worlds, as well as other human and non-human beings. Healing therein is seen more comprehensively – as the process of restoring and repairing applies not only to the activity of recovering one’s self, but is ultimately perceived as a creative act, recreating the health and vitality of distressed communities or as a set of necessary tools needed to survive in the current socio-political climate as well as economic environments.

Understanding otherness demands encounters and interaction. Empathy is one tool, and it helps us to act socially by enabling the development of reciprocity, diversity, and a sense of community. Through empathy, one can give voice to otherness and understand the value of individual being as well as the environment. Besides having the capacity to feel empathy, one needs to be able to act. Could interactive healing processes be one form of acting in a context of empathy and intersubjectivity between human beings and non-human actors?

In addition, “Island of Empathy” asks: How do we perceive our relationship to non-human otherness; animals, plants, stones, and other non-human actors? What kind of intersubjective healing processes do we need in this era of enormous challenges and changes on our planet? What kind of change is created through these processes?

“Island of Empathy” encompasses an exhibition and community-oriented programme around it. Additional programme might include experimental performance, participatory healing practices, communal therapeutic sessions, installations, workshops, and gatherings. The presented interdisciplinary works and practices are designed to soothe, evoke empathy, and provide mental and physical well-being.

The artist call for the “Island of Empathy” exhibition is targeted solely at the members of the Helsinki Artists’ Association, and it is curated by London-based Curator Kasia Sobucka and Executive Director of the Helsinki Artists’ Association Merja Briñón. The “Island of Empathy” exhibition takes place at Gallery Rantakasarmi between 11 June–30 August 2020 and at Malmitalo Gallery between 11 June–21 August 2020. The opening will take place at both galleries on 10 June 2020. The Helsinki Artists’ Association will cover the artist fee of €150 for selected artists.

Each artist may submit max. three proposals accompanied with images supporting the proposals, their CV, and contact information.

Instructions for applying:

Deadline: 22 March 2020
All artists will be notified about the selection in April 2020.
For questions regarding the use of the platform and technical issues, please contact: