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Dana Neilson – Immersion, Absorption and Other Seaworthy Homonyms, video- ja valokuvateos | video-fotoverk | Video-Photograph Work

Dana Neilsonin teokset käyvät dialogia ulkoisen ja sisäisen leikkauspisteessä, maiseman ja ihmisen kehon välillä. Neilsonin lähtökohtana on luonnon täydellisyys ja syvä ymmärrys itsestään: taiteilija ottaa luonnon opettajakseen.

Näyttelyn videosarjassa kiinnostuksen kohteena ovat luonnonmuodot ja ympäristöt, jotka muovaavat Neilsonin kehoa – päinvastaisena lausekkeena ihmisen liiankin innokkaalle tarpeelle muovata ympäristöään.

  • Dana Neilson (s. 1982) on kanadalainen taiteilija, joka asuu ja työskentelee Helsingissä. Hän on kouluttautunut valokuuvajaksi, mutta laajentanut ilmiasuaan myös keramiikkaan, veistoon ja videotaiteeseen. Hänen teoksiaan on ollut kansainvälisesti esillä sekä yksityis- että ryhmänäyttelyissä. Neilson valmistuu taiteen maisteriksi Aalto-yliopiston visuaalisen kulttuurin ja nykytaiteen ohjelmasta syksyllä 2017.


Dana Neilson’s work, at the intersection of external environment and interior self, explores the dialogue between landscape and the human body.  Using nature’s perfection and deep understanding of itself as a starting place the artist takes nature as her teacher.  In this video series she investigates natural shapes and environments molding her body to them as opposed to the all too common human drive to give shape to the land.

  • Dana Neilson (1982) is a Canadian artist that works and lives in Helsinki, Finland. A photographer by education her practice has grown to include ceramics, sculpture and video art. Her work has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions internationally. She will graduate this fall from Aalto University with her Master’s in Visual Culture and Contemporary Art.
  • Galleria Katariinan Studiossa 12.7.–30.7.2017 Katja Härkki Unenomaisia näkyjä, maalauksia | målningar | Paintings
  • Dana Neilsonin ja Katja Härkin taiteilijatapaaminen sunnuntaina 30.7. klo 14–16. Tervetuloa!


Do You Ever Get The Urge?

Archival Inkjet Prints, 2017

”Do you ever get the urge to jump from high places?” was the google search used to find other people who suffer from this phenomenon.  The photographs are named from anonymous quotes found on online forums resulting from this search.

This series questions the urge to jump from high places and celebrates the sense of belonging that comes from feeling understood, even if only by strangers on the internet.


Closer to (my) Nature

2-channel video, 11 minute loop, 2017

Nature is disorder and culture is order.  Yi-Fu Tuan describes this idea by writing that nature is the wild mane of hair on our heads and culture the way we comb and organize that mane is.   It is common in our society to find peace in order or search for order in our chaotic lives but I wonder if the natural might not be more freeing.  Is there a natural part of our being that we keep pushing aside due to cultural expectation? As humans we subject nature to our whims and order the paving of forests and flattening of mountains creating grids and static environments in the landscapes we choose to call home.  But I wonder what can we learn from nature, it’s natural laws, the ebb and flow of seasons, the give and take of water and soil?  Is order the problem and chaos the hope?  Is there a flow we are missing by putting ourselves in these grinds, limiting ourselves and cordoning off our possibilities?

In this video series I explore natural shapes and environments molding my body to them as opposed to the all too common human drive to give shape to the land. Intersecting physical environment and interior self this video piece explores the dialogue between landscape and the human body.


Immersion, Absorption and Other Seaworthy Homonyms

2-channel video, 43 minutes, 2016

Absorb; to take in in a natural or gradual way; to draw in or to learn.

Immerse; to plunge into something that surrounds or covers; to be engrossed in a subject.