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Applications for Exhibition Times at Gallery Katariina`s  Studio

Exhibition times for Gallery Katariina`s Studio are applicable two times a year, in spring (April) and autumn (October).

Next deadline for exhibition applications is 31st of October and the period for exhibitions is July-December 2019.

Gallery Katariina`s Studio was renovated from a former office space in autumn 2013 and is approximately 15 m2 in size. The space is suitable for all kinds of art, can be darkened and has inbuilt settings for two video projectors. Each individual exhibition time is about three weeks, moving in the same rhythm with the exhibitions in Gallery Katariina`s main space. The putting up and taking down of the exhibitions is at the same time, as is the opening.

Exhibition times for Gallery Katariina`s Studio are applicable for all artists.

The exhibition choices will be made by the exhibition committee of Gallery Katariina which consists of five members: exhibition coordinator and four artist members. All applicants shall be informed of the results via email.


You should add to the application:

1) Application form

2) Exhibition plan

3) 6-10 pictures of recent works or works that will be shown at the exhibition + list of pictures with precise information of the works. We hope pictures jpeg format saved on USB-drive or by e-mail, Max 3 Mt/whole e-mail.

4) Curriculum Vitae

Do mention in the application if you have any inconvenient exhibit time.


Deadline is 31st of October 2018, the day`s post office stamp is sufficient.

The application should be delivered to:

The Exhibition Committee of Gallery Katariina`s Studio

Helsinki Artists’ Association

Kalevankatu 16 FI-00100 Helsinki, Finland

Or by e-mail: (Max 3 Mt/whole e-mail)

Gallery Katariina is open Tue–Fri 11–17, Sat–Sun 12–16, Kalevankatu 16, Helsinki.



The rent of the Studio for the year 2018 is 1150 euros (for the members of Helsinki Artists’ Association 1050 euros). The rent includes designing of the web invitation (according to our models), pr-work, supervision of the exhibition and information of the exhibition in the Galleriaopas and Taide Art -exhibition calendars. Exhibited artist is also included into Gallery Katariina’s online selling collection.

The artist is responsible for transportation of the works, constructing and taking down the exhibition (Gallery has basic tools and exhibition coordinator). The artist is also responsible for the eventual insurances, the mailing expenses of the invitations if a printed invitation is made (Gallery has about 1100 names on the mailing list + invitations that are distributed via email) and the costs of the opening service. The artist provides the exhibition coordinator with materials that can be used as a basis for press release and such as well as press pictures. The artist is responsible for eventual technical equipment and/or constructions if needed. The provision for the Gallery is 30 %+VAT.


If you need any other information, don’t hesitate to ask:

Hannele Nyman

Exhibition Coordinator

Helsinki Artists’ Association

Gallery Katariina

Kalevankatu 16, FI-00100 Helsinki, Finland

tel. + 358 (0)9 666 677, gsm + 358 (0)440 551 678